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Priority: Love your work.

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

There are many ways in which we receive satisfaction from our roles in the work place. It could be financial, it could be learning, collaboration with like (or unlike) minded individuals, it could be the social aspect, work life balance, company culture (I could go on forever, really). For each of us, it is a different combination, and these elements vary in importance. For me, enjoying what I do is the ultimate priority, especially as I am now mature in my career experience, and I have others who need the best of me (you know, the kids!).

It doesn't mean that money is of no importance, I have all the time in the world, and I walk away from the tough or ugly situations that creep up in life. In fact, it is the pressure points that shape or define direction, and ultimately my joy in what I do. I have learnt to embrace agility and build resilience since becoming a parent, as you know that there is no such thing as perfection in timing and outcome (if you've ever been running late and had a screaming toddler on the floor in a public place, you can catch my drift here). The power of resourcefulness peaks during parenting, and I have learnt to say no, and not just to my kids. I have set boundaries so that I can focus on what is important.

For the mums who just don't like what their job, or don't like it enough to claim happiness. Here a three simple steps to consider -

1. What is important to me and my career? Write a simple list of what is of value to you pertaining to your role. Consider how it brings you joy.

2. How does your current situation cost you? Reflect on all the ways your unhappiness might be impacting your life. Consider it from all angles, your relationships, your parenting, work place behaviour, learning, health and finances.

3. What is of value to me? Does your current role align with the most important aspects of your life? Does it bring out the best in your personality?

Most importantly, don't be afraid of putting yourself out there for assistance. Transitioning to a person who welcomes the day with gratitude, and bounces off to work is difficult. It is inconsistent. It's change, who ever said that was easy?

If it's time to get serious about your work life mamma, book a complimentary Introductory Session today:

Vanessa is a professional & business coach with experience in marketing & communications, small business operations, organisational culture & learning. She is currently undergoing further training & qualification with the LCA Australia and the International Coaching Federation. Vanessa has recently completed certification as a Wellness Facilitation Coach. Most importantly, she is a mother of two, teaching them to see the world with compassionate eyes and to act in kindness.

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