“Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.”

Oprah Winfrey


We like to believe we are able to inspire magic in our clients, but most importantly, that they walk away having achieved their goals, feeling renewed and better than who they were before they started with us.

"Vanessa was very thorough and had a clear understanding of my business goals and vision, and worked hard at each session to help me work towards these goals. Her follow up on strategies discussed is exceptional and has been a joy to work with. Sometimes I even had my baby during the sessions and Vanessa was very understanding even through the intermittent disruptions caused during the sessions. I highly recommend Vanessa, she is unique in her approach and tailors her coaching to each individual. "

Natasha Kumar - Arbonne Independent Consultant

"Taking time to slow down during the session and really listen to what the client is saying is important. Vanessa does this well. She really hears me and encourages me to become resourceful and look at things as challenges that stretch my capabilities. I have grown so much because I have so many more options."

- Anon

"Vanessa has a knack of asking the right questions that turn things on its head. Coaching is such a fun and rewarding experience. Doing the Integration to Motherhood Workshop changed how I thought about career post Bub. I love the concept of Pacing versus Pausing your career."

- Jacquie S

"There were times in our sessions were the topics were hard to address, and I ended up shedding a tear or two. Thank you Vanessa, you made it easy to just open up and work through my feelings. Learning that my feelings were holding me back from moving forward helped me make some big decisions that I was avoiding."




Not sure coaching is right for you? That is fine, book an Introductory Coaching Session to answer your questions and see if we make a good team. It is complimentary, with no strings attached!




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