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Five Qualities of the Coaching Experience

I've been on both sides of the coaching coin in my life, the coachee (the client) and the coach. Irrespective of the side, coaching can be a rather confronting experience. One of the scariest perceptions I've had about coaching is that the process is high energy, ego fuelled, laced with a "you can do it!" type catch cry. I must admit that this perception has rarely turned into reality. Through great mentors, coaches, and with my blended hands-on experience and studies, I've come to believe that there are five particular qualities of a coaching experience that can make all the difference to getting people on the track they want to be on.

1. Confidentiality: What is discussed with your coach should be explicitly confidential. Unless you are potentially in harms way, a good coach will treat your sessions with sacredness. It is important that you as the client are able to open up, unpack your thoughts and feelings, and design your desired outcomes without any form of fear.

2. Safety: The relationship with your coach would be built in an environment that allows you to be vulnerable in expressing your ideas and maybe even some stumbling blocks! Communication that is built in a secure context will make it easier to move forward. Also it provides a stable framework for coaching feedback and maintaining accountability.

3. Truth: This is about your truth as the as a client, and the Coach to perform their coaching service without judgement. You came into coaching to grow, not be given a verdict on behaviours past and a sentence for your future! Within the process of growth, there is a lot of scoping for the future and reflection of the past. However the ultimate winning comes with gaining a newer and deeper awareness of yourself (and isn't that a truth in itself)?

4. Compassion: As a Coach, you aim to have fellow feelings with your client. As a client, a true partner on your chosen journey will help you see, and create the world you want to be in. They will honour your perspectives and challenge you when there is opportunity for self awareness. Compassion is the next step after empathy, as it involves an emotional rapport and action.

5.Inquisitiveness: Ok, Coaching is asking the right questions at the right times. From a clients perspective, this is where the frustration and feelings of confrontation comes into play. A great coach asks questions that make make you think, sometimes stumble, but ultimately provide you with insight. A fantastic coach will do a lot of listening in a session, letting you take the time to stop and think things through. It is through the curious mindset, that the true value of coaching is delivered - you become self-curious! You will unearth countless resources at your disposal.

Coaching in action is tailored to being a safe space to reflect and grow. Interested in coaching? Book a complimentary Introductory Session today!

Vanessa is a professional & business coach with experience in marketing & communications, small business operations, organisational culture & learning. She is currently undergoing further training & qualification with the LCA Australia and the International Coaching Federation. Vanessa has recently completed certification as a Wellness Facilitation Coach. Most importantly, she is a mother of two, teaching them to see the world with compassionate eyes and to act in kindness.


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