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2023: Pause & Become Present

It has been one full year since the last blog from Metamorphosis Collective. The New Year message to clients & followers at the start of each year is based on my personal perspective of growth dimension and how it fits into a New Year reset mindset. Not believing in resolutions (as per previous years posts), I settle on a 'theme or concept' in how I can benefit to learn or develop habits of said theme. 2022 for me was the theme of serenity, and wow, I ended the year recognising I was anything but! I didn't even try. Hence the lack of communication with you all too. In attempting to capture a peaceful and tranquil way of being, my heart, body & mind was screaming the opposite - rage & sadness.

So this year, 2023, I am learning the art of pause & presence in every aspect of being. Maintaining presence is a BIG part of how I coach to a successful standard. It is even something I am evaluated on to maintain my International Coaching Credentials too. But in general, why is presence important to reset my mindset as a whole being? Presence is being able to confidently be in a space or on your own as your authentic self - with flaws, vulnerability, compassion, curiosity, but most of all, with integrity. Presence with others can help create the potential of magic, of real synergy between both parties because you are present for the other as much as yourself. Presence is energy in the current moment that personally, I know I need to honour more so. That is why the mindset reset here around this theme or concept is important for me in 2023. This year I need to learn how to settle into the moments and not be so reactive or anticipatory.

Pause is shared here with presence, as in order to maintain presence. The effect of pause highlights awareness & reflection capacity. Pausing instead of being anticipatory or reactive in a frustrated way - or even in joy, will help process not just information, but emotions. Here is the tricky thing when you are running a million miles an hour or caught up, or just plainly do not feel secure in a situation, you tend to brush past ALL emotions. Emotions need time to be honoured as what they are to the person feeling them or expressing them. Pausing to honour the emotion individually or amongst others, is important to better understand the energy, and then how to shift it.

Bring forth the days of 2023, and I will venture forth in response with pause & presence. Hopefully this will allow time to share little bit more with my clients & followers too ;)

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