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Why this mamma needs an adventurous spirit in 2021

New Years and resolutions that you promise to live differently the coming year, because of this somewhat arbitrary date, always seemed liked a it was almost non committal. Instead, for a few years now, I have picked a theme to live my life by for the year. Some would refer to it is at as mantra, like a word or phrase of meaning to live your life to for the next 12 months. Something that would inspire, and be applicable to life holistically. For 2020 (not knowing what the year had in store for us), I chose the word 'illimitable', meaning without limits or end. As yes, there sometimes felt that there was no end to the bad stuff in sight!

2021, I've chosen 'Adventurous' as my theme, and my reason may be obvious to some. Adventurous means to live excitedly, to try new things and different experiences. I'm not very spontaneous by nature, yet highly agile. However, I've always (and solely due to my self confidence) leaned on the conservative side, even when exploring opportunities. I think with all the restraint brought forth by the previous year with COVID, along with my own personal struggles, I've learnt that now is the right time to back myself, and my needs. The fragility I have personally experienced over the last 2 years has revealed to me, if not now, when?

I prompt you to look for a word, or phrase, to live 2021 by. Something that gives you meaning and direction for where you want to be by 2022.

Happy 2021 Mamma's!

Vanessa is a professional & business coach with experience in marketing & communications, small business operations, organisational culture & learning. She is currently undergoing further training & qualification with the LCA Australia and the International Coaching Federation. Vanessa has recently completed certification as a Wellness Facilitation Coach. Most importantly, she is a mother of two, teaching them to see the world with compassionate eyes and to act in kindness.

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