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Lessons from a social media sabbatical

How spending less time building my business on social allowed my business to flourish

When I first started my business, it was all hands on deck, and truth be told, it took me almost a year to set my website live. I was too busy building relationships with clients, but I knew that it had to be done. It took me 18 months to get to social strategies. Why? I wasn't comfortable in that space, and I really was not confident that social media would build my business. The hypocrisy was obvious, after a career built in the marketing field, I knew that I would recommend social as part of a launch to any client. I knew that logically, it could've given me the results I desired. However, I didn't budge at first. I was hesitant and deep down I knew why. I was scared of putting myself 'out there'. I wasn't backing myself.

Sometimes, you need to face your fear head on, as many say. It took me a while, but I eventually started to dip my toe in the social media waters. The response wasn't what I was after, and despite how disappointing that was, I was relieved my strategy failed. That meant that maybe social strategy didn't have to be part of the mix to build my business, and secretly, I didn't have to deal with my fear. My win? I was happy to have established a social media presence though. After many months experimenting using a sound strategy, I still viewed social with a dubious mindset. Despite having a positively worded outcome, prepared strategy, I set the bar far too low for what I could achieve using social media as a vehicle for awareness. After consulting my coach, the action I agreed to take was to take social media use to the next level - Live's. The problem? I lacked confidence despite my well formed intentions to set the bar higher.

I avoided the confidence issue that was resounding. Instead I took a sabbatical from social media use for a while. I took the pressure off to understand what was going on, and hopefully find a way to shift this dubious mindset of mine. During my social media sabbatical for business (and for a while, personal usage), I realised the following -

1) My confidence lies in my ability as a coach, not in my ability to post about coaching.

2) I am uncomfortable with self spotlighting. I do however love constantly learning about how to help people through different coaching techniques. Time posting versus time developing my skills? Well it is a no brainer for me!

3) The energy spent on social media presence is not very valuable for me, and the transactional return is microscopic, in comparison to working with those in my local community, which has much more personal and sentimental value.

Moving forward, I have changed my strategy to focus on how to best create awareness of my business by building relationships face to face, and deepening and showcasing my skills. Obviously using social media has its pro's and con's depending on the type of business in question. In a small business, when you are time poor, and carry your brand on your shoulders, it could make or break you. Social media will always play a small role in my strategy. Who knows, you might catch me doing a Facebook Live one day soon! However, I am back where I started, focusing on making real connections. Social media will never replace a face-to-face relationship with a client. I once saw the following quote, and this sums it up for me.

In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, know the true importance of human connection...

If it's time to get serious about your work life mamma, book a complimentary Introductory Session today:

Vanessa is a professional business & career coach with experience in marketing & communications, small business operations, organisational culture & learning. She is currently undergoing further training & qualification with the LCA Australia and the International Coaching Federation. Vanessa has recently completed certification as a Wellness Facilitation Coach. Most importantly, she is a mother of two, teaching them to see the world with compassionate eyes and to act in kindness.

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