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Why Loving Your Job Is Important For Your Family Too

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Having always been a big believer in the old adage 'love what you do and you will never work a day in your life', I've always strived to enjoy the roles I've been blessed with. From the promotions I've worked hard for, to motherhood and to running my own business, my benchmark for whether I was making a positive impact came down to if it felt like work at all. The times that it was a slog, something was amiss. Sometimes it was worth hanging in there (that's how you learn stuff right?). Unfortunately when it came to my job causing me unhappiness, the people who bore the brunt of it was my family, especially my children.

Essentially work, whether you are self employed, have a professional role or part time gig, it takes up your valuable time and energy. So as a working mother, why is it important to love what you do?

1. You are an influence on your children: If work turns you into grumpy mum, your kids will be fast to associate a sour mood to working. I was exceptionally fortunate to have had a role when my eldest child was in kindergarten, that I could bring her into the office after school for half an hour or so. I'll never forget the day that (after what felt like an insane day of back to back meetings), my daughter told me that she liked coming to my work for two reasons. The first, free cookies. The second, I looked happy, despite my 'lot's of talking', she wanted to be as happy working as me one day. For a split second, the working mum guilt evaporated. If I was a role model for my kids, especially my daughter, I was going to be a damn good one!

2. Work brings a sense of fulfilment (that family does not): Being a mamma has indescribable highs (and lows), but your work life is just that, yours. It is how you develop and maintain a sense of self dependence outside of your domestic situation. It helps develop a purpose, hopefully something that aligns with your values. You learn new skills and face challenges, create new relationships. All of this is seperate to home (and guess what, that is a good thing)! Why? Holistic lifelong fulfilment comes from all aspects of your life. When you spend so much time on the work clock, it would be in your best interest that your time, your investment, provides good feelings. It helps when you are having tough time on the family clock too!

3. It increases your confidence & motivation: As previously stated, work gives you a purpose (outside motherhood). This purpose keeps you going, and when you have winning moments it can provide you with the boost that sometimes motherhood strips away. A great job that you love is good for your mental balance, as you stress less and experience better health overall. When you get up, leave your love ones to spend energy elsewhere, you hope where you spend your time brings you joy. Domestic energy is often on the up when you are not experiencing psychological trauma during the work day. How many times we mamma's have had a crappy work day that we come home short of temper and with little love and hugs to go around?

We know our kids needs a happy mamma. So why shouldn't we take the steps necessary to make it happen? If it's time to get serious about your work life mamma, book a complimentary Introductory Session today:

Vanessa is a professional & business coach with experience in marketing & communications, small business operations, organisational culture & learning. She is currently undergoing further training & qualification with the LCA Australia and the International Coaching Federation. Vanessa has recently completed certification as a Wellness Facilitation Coach. Most importantly, she is a mother of two, teaching them to see the world with compassionate eyes and to act in kindness.

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